About Me

Welcome! I’m Kim, and I work full-time as a professional archaeologist, which means I travel a lot and spend a lot of time living in hotels. But when I’m home, I love to bake and
cook. I’ve been baking up treats as long as I can remember, and my favorite place to be is in the kitchen. I usually bake for my family and co-workers, who are always willing taste testers.

I grew up as a picky eater, in a family of picky eaters. There was hardly a meal that my mom made that we all enjoyed or that didn’t require a special dish for at least one of us. When I look at recipes, I immediately start trying to figure out how to change it so my whole family will like it. While that’s not always possible it does help me to see all the variations that are possible.


This blog is focused on sweet treats, but it does contain the occasional savory dish. My goal is to show you how easy it is to experiment in the kitchen and make changes to suit your tastes. I try to give variations on all of the recipes, and ideas for additional changes. And if you’re not as picky as us, well, then you’ll either have to decide which version sounds the best to you, or try them all!